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In addition to the Pet Health Care Library, we have provided the following links to websites that provide some great information on a variety of topics related to veterinary medicine and pet health care. We will update this page frequently, and would love to hear your ideas on links that you would like to see us add to this page to share with other pet owners. Feel free to send us your favorites. If we like them, we will add them to our list!

  • Internet Research: Gathering information efficiently and wisely.  The medical care we can provide animals and ourselves has improved immeasurably because of the Internet. But it's important to remember, anyone can publish a Web site and anyone can say just about anything they like. Here are some hints to retrieve quality information on pet health care while immediately discarding the bad.


  • PET FOOD RECALLS & WITHDRAWALS - Current and past recall information from the FDA on all pet food recalls and much more. Provides accurate up to the minute information instead of rumors.
  • FDA Safety Reporting Portal - New, more user-friendly, FDA website makes it easier for owner to report problems and adverse reactions to foods & treats.
  • Dog's Social Lives & Associated Disease Risks - From the AVMA. Covers disease risks to your dog and yourself plus common sense measures to protect your dog, yourself and others.
  • Pet Insruance University. A Vet's Guide to Pet Insurance
  • The Pet Pharmacy Library of Mediations is a list of commonly prescribed medications used in the treatment of dogs and cats.
  • Pet Health Library contains information on some of the more common medical problems of dogs and cats. More information is available in Pet Medical Library.
  • PDR Health This site gives consumers plain-English explanations for the safe and effective use of prescription and non-prescription drugs, herbal medines and nutritional suppliments. Although this is a human website it has excellent information on action and use of herbs and nutritional suppliments.
  • Anatomy for Pet Owners - A nifty website from Washington State University School of Veterinary Medicine that can help you become more familiar with your pets anatomy.
  • First Aid & Emergency Care This site includes helpful information on what to do and what NOT to do in specific emergency situations. Emergencies
  • Veterinary Partners Dental Health Care SeriesBy the time most owners recognize oral disease in their pets, the problem is chronic and progressive. Dr. Jan Bellows, a board-certified veterinary dental specialist from Florida, has compiled a comprehensive series of articles that will help any pet owner better understand and subsequently take better care of their pets' oral health.
  • ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center
    This is the website of the National Animal Poison Control Center. It includes a library, links to other sites, and phone numbers for the poison control center.
  • A Guide to Pet-Safe House Plants - There are many houseplants that pet owners enjoy without concern, butthere are also many common houseplants that are toxic to pets. Here is a website with a few resources to help pet owners identify which plants are safe to include in a pet-friendly home.
  • WebMD Pet Health Community - Your pets are part of the family, and they deserve the best medical care. WebMD's expert veterinarians from the American Veterinary Medical Association are here to point you to the resources you need to care for your four-legged family members. Also, join other pet owners to share your stories and compare notes.
  • Care for Pets - This site from the American Veterinary Medical Association provides resources for learning about choosing a pet, pet health, and choosing a veterinarian.
  • Care for Condo & Apartment Pets. When a person lives in an apartment or condo, their pet lacks the space that animals living in larger dwellings may have. To prevent potential problems from arising, pet owners should put careful thought into choosing the right type of pet to suit their lifestyle and their living space. A pet owner must also meet the animal's needs in terms of providing them with the proper care.
  • AVMA to YOU - Podocasts, U tube videos, articles, etc. from the American Veterinary Medical Association to you...
  • Tips for Pet Disaster Preparedness


  • Choosing a new puppy  This is a nice starter guide of things that you should consider when you are thinking about getting a puppy.
  • PUPPY PARTIES! Everyone knows puppies are a handful, socialising and proper training early in their lifetime is essential to make sure you end up with a well-behaved dog. A puppy party is great way early on to start socialising your new best friend and we have some great puppy party ideas.
  • What your pet really costs you. Before you get a pet or add another one, this article covers the sometimes cold hard facts about what it actually costs to own a pet and hints to control those costs.
  • Breeds of Dogs A quick reference guide to many breeds of dogs, including photos and brief descriptions of each breed's characteristics and much, much more! From the Dog Channel.
  • Breeds of Cats A quick reference guide to many breeds of cats, including photos, brief descriptions of each breed's characteristics and much, much more! From the Cat Channel.
  • Animal Breeds... you name it! From Purdue University.
  • Animals around the world - How people around the world keep their animals healthy.
  • Behavior problems Founded by Brian Kilcommons and Sharon Wilson, best-selling authors and recognized experts on animal training and behavior, this site is a terrific resource for advice on a variety of behavioral problems. If you want to learn more about feline housesoiling, barking dogs, aggression, or any other behavioral problem, check this one out!
  • Nix Anxiety with the Amazing Thundershirt: With its patent-pending design, Thundershirt's gentle, constant pressure has a dramatic calming effect for most dogs if they are anxious, fearful or over-excited.
  • Academy Four Paws offer obedience training, aggression rehab, remote training and more...
  • Cat and Dog Behavior
  • Traveling with your Pet - Informative web site to help you plan your trip with your pet
  • Dog Quotations for All OccasionsDog quotations help you celebrate your love for your dog, every day, for whatever reason. With over 1,200 quotations and dog proverbs on these pages, you'll find one to fit every mood and every occasion.
  • Cat Quotations too! - Quotations, proverbs, myths... need we say more. It's about CATS!!!
  • ANIMALicious - An offbeat, inside look at animal issues... from veterinary Partnes & VIN.
  • How old do you think your pet truly is?  Here is a fun little website that will help answer this and many other 'age' related questions. It is a well-known fact that dogs and cats age differently than human beings do.  Cats and dogs age more quickly when they are young. It is important to understand and recognize that for each year that goes by for a human, many more years go by for our pets. Now, it’s possible to more accurately determine how much your pet ages each year.


  • The Pet Mobility Company - One of many companies that provide carts and other service to help pets with paralysis.
  • Eddie's Wheels - Custom made carts for disabled dogs designed by a mechanical engineer to be lightweight, compact, and easy to use.
  • provides all of the products, services and support that pet caretakers need to help their disabled, injure or elderly pets enjoy happy, healthy, active lives. the "Walkin' Wheels dog wheelchair" is the industries only fully adjustable dog wheelchair. It can be ordered online and is available for next day delivery.
  • Multiple links and general information concerning pet rehabilitation and physical therapy provide by the University of Tenessee at Chattanooga. Also provides links to practitioners.
  • Canine Physical Rehabilitation of the SouthWest, LLC. provides canine rehabilitation therapy using aquatic therapy, under water  treadmill, manual therapy, ultrasound, laser, E-stim,  and rehabilitative exercises. Also provide conditioning and obesity plans, splints and braces, wheelchair ordering & fitting.
  • Arizona Canine Surgical Rehabilitation & Chronic Pain Clinic provides veterinary conducted & supervised patient centered physical therapy.
  • Dog Leggs - Therapeutic and rehabilitative products for dogs.
  • The Pet Ramp & Staircase - This pet staircase converts into a ramp in seconds, providing a means forolder or arthritic pets to reach sofas or beds without exerting unduestress on joints and muscles.
  • OrthoPets strive to give each patient a second chance to enjoy a normal life. Their non-invasive health care option can drastically improve the quality of life for a wide variety of animals. They have found great success in implementing the same adaptive technologies used in the field of human orthotics and prosthetics to care for animal patients.
  • ToeGrips are a biomechanical solution to a biomechanical problem!
    They were designed for slipping/weak senior dogs, but may also be helpful for disabled and rehabilitating dogs. When I read testimonials from dog parents around the world, explaining how ToeGrips have profoundly improved their dog’s quality of life.
  • OrthoPets strives to give each patient a second chance to enjoy a normal life. Their non-invasive health care options can drastically improve the quality of life of a wide variety of animals. The have found great success in implementing the same adaptive technologies used in th field of human orthotiics and prosthetics to care for our animal patients.
  • Spirits in Transitions is growing network of animal lovers who desire to offer the best possible care to our animal friends throughout their passing, and to support people worldwide in providing hospice care for animals. They offer a variety of on-line classes, week end seminars, articles and a hospice hot link for owners activity providing hospice for their companion.
  • Association of Pet Loss and Bereavement
    We have all experienced the pain of losing a pet. The Association of Pet Loss and Bereavement has set up this site for support during this most difficult time. You will find inspirational stories, grief counseling resources, hotline number and many other resources.
  • Animal Hospice - Spirits in Transition offer options in end of life care for animal companions and a support line.
  • Rainbow Bridge
    Anyone who has ever lost a pet should visit this wonderful site. It is a terrific tribute to our lost family members


  • American Academy of Veterinary Nutrition - This site has many links for consultation with veterinary nutritionists for small and large animals.
  • Balance it - Fee based balanced home diets Balance it is a fee based service to prepare nutritional balanced home diets for your dog and cat.
  • VIN FAQs about pitfalls of generic recipes for all dogs and cats with holistic veterinarian and veterinary nutritionalist Dr Susan Wynn. Offers short term generic diets.
  • Fee based balanced home diets Pet diets is a fee based service to prepare nutritionally balanced home diets for your dog and cat.
  • USDA Nutrient Database - USDA data base for the nutritive value of various foods to help you in balancing home prepared diets.
  • Pet Food Report  Answers common questions about pet food so pet owners can make an informed decision on what to feed their pet. Contains interactive pet food labels.
  • The Bad Bug Book. The USDA Foodborne Pathogenic Microorganisms & Natural Toxins Hand book. Stuff that can naturally get into your pets food and make it sick..
  • Nature's Variety Raw Frozen Diets  for dogs and cats are the first and only raw diets that have been scientifically substantiated as complete and balanced for all canine health stages with an AAFCO Protocol Feeding Trial. Human grade ingredients from USDA inspected facility and made in EU Approved, Certified Organic processing facility (USDA National Organic Program). They also produce freeze dried raw, canned and kibble diets with hearty grains or grain free plus lots of other useful information and feeding guides.
  • See MANY more in the Holistic Pet Links


  • Heartworm Society Everything you ever wanted to know about heartworm disease can be found here!
  • Canine epilepsy - This site gives you updated information in the advances in diagnosing and treating seizures.
  • West Nile Virus
    This site is maintainted by the Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta, and has the latest information on the spread of West Nile Virus in the US, as well as information on disease transmission, symptoms, etc.


  • The Cat Fanciers' Association (CFA)
    The Cat Fanciers' Association website has lots of pictures, as well as information on cat breeds, cat care, upcoming cat shows, and much more.
  • Veterinary Schools in the US  This is a great link to all of the websites of veterinary schools in the United States.
  • Guide to Vet Tech Schools - Vet Tech is a non-profit website devoted exclusively to providing students with an understanding of how to become a vet tech. To that end, we have compiled the first and only comprehensive list of veterinary technician schools in the US, so that students have a single place to research their educational options.

  • USDA Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service
    The USDA maintains this website with information on a variety of animal health related topics, including the latest news on such things as Mad Cow Diseases, foot and mouth disease, and many other things.
  • Advantage Flea Control
    This site is sponsored by Bayer Animal Health, the makers of new K9 Advantix for dogs and Advantage flea control for dogs and cats. It is loaded with information about fleas and flea control.
  • Novartis Animal Health
    This site is sponsored by Novartis, the makers of Sentinel, Interceptor and Program, and has useful information on heartworm prevention and flea control for pet owners.
  • Frontline TopSpot by Merial
    Sponsored by the makers of Frontline TopSpot for flea and tick control, this site has basic information about fleas and ticks as well as TopSpot questions and answers.
  • American Veterinary Medical Association
    This site is a good starting point to learn more about a variety of topics, including feline injection-site sarcomas and the latest subjects in veterinary medicine
  • American Association of Feline Practitioners
    The AAFP is like the American Medical Association for cat doctors, and has lots of good information regarding feline health
  • American Animal Hospital Association's - Pet Care Library of FAQ & articles for dogs, cats and exotics.
  • Veterinary Information NetworkVIN is the world's first and largest online veterinary community
  • eVetSite Systems
    makes it easy for veterinarians or their staff to create a professinal and educational veterinary hospital website. eVetSite Systems makes web site design easy and affordable!